Question about AGP and PCI Express vid cards. -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

Is there a huge difference between these two? I now have an Nvidia GF 6800 GT OC, 256 mb of GDDR3, 8x AGP. Would the same card, but PCI Express, be any different, i.e. better grapics, faster, etc?



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#2 16 years ago

PCI express video cards are basically the next generation of graphics technology after agp. All the new, powerhouse cards coming out in 2005 will be pci express. Basically a 128 megabyte pci express card is comparable to a 256 megabyte agp card. I've got two rigs, one with an agp geforce 6800 gt (256 megs ddr vid ram), and one with a pci express 6600 gt (128 megs ddr3 vid ram), and not only does the 6600 cost less, but it delivers superior performance in doom3, unreal tournament 2004, and other graphics intensive games. Edit: If you had the exact same card in pci express, it would be twice as fast, mainly because pci express has a 16x architechture, while agp 2.0 has 8x.