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21st April 2006

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#1 12 years ago

I am sure that almost any DOW player who plays online has seen the Death Angels name, or at least the [DA] tag, somewhere. But we are always looking for people to join us. As I right this we have 54 people in clan. The only requirements really are that you are a friendly person and you will use our forums, although we do of course ask that you put DA infront of your in game name.

We do not tolerate idiots or inactive people and arent scared of kikin them. In game skill doesnt really matter since we have enough ppl to be able to teach people. It is also no.1 rule that if you arent on forum you arent in clan. I aint askin y'all to be posting 100 a day, just 1 or 2 every now and then, plus since ur readin this i know you know how to use a forum.

Look foward to seein you people out there and forum address is

if your thinkin of 'infiltrating' to spam us, think again cus you only get in once an admin validates your account and we will kik and ban spammer idiots, so dont bother or else admin will have to do like 2 minutes of work to ban you.