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26th July 2005

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#1 13 years ago

hey whats up guys i am an extremly good clan leader i have 6 members so far i am a 62% win 189 wins player all my other players are 3 stars :( embarasing that they are better then me stat wise but thats beacuse they have only played average of 70-80 games but if you have seen me or my members play you know how good we are... i am on mostly every day for 2-3 hours maby more weekends im on all day-night so if you are seriously thinking of joining send me an e-mail of ur user name or look for me on DoW e mail [email="alexh0727@aol.com"]alexh0727@aol.com[/email] or just post later:runaway: except when its 3v1 i win :)