I hate being tau or necs in online -1 reply

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29th January 2007

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#11 11 years ago
DON'T build broadsides, they take 3 inf cap, have crapy range and damage, are 1 guy teams and need to entrench in order to fire

Except they kill virtually any infantry on a single hit. Just keep them in devilfishes and they'll be fine.

Of course, stealth teams are the best AV in the game more or less with their nades, thus they are a must. And can also be used on surgical gen hunting.

Also not sure what res mode you play, to have 3fwsquads+vespids in t1.

And well, agreed on the 'cudas. They just maybe are a tad too strong even.


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#12 11 years ago

i hate it becasue necs are slow and tau have no turrets space marines have drop pod and deep strike chaos have blood thirster elders have cloaking base and avatar imperials have earth shakers and bane blade that's why i like them



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17th June 2008

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#13 11 years ago

in 'fire warrior' you can play a tau trooper fighting against the guardsman and

space marines, meaning against the imperium basically. then, in the soulstorm

opening video sequence, the tau strike down the guardsmen ~ then the

sisterhood appear against them (the tau). i've also visited local gaming

shop and same info on the tau that they are 'against the imperium'.

then, obviously the necrons are cold ~ calculating, soul eaters

with little or no care @ all for humanity period. after playing

for so many years, i'm siding with the imperium using marines

therefore, i'm agreeing with your statement against chaos.

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