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[quote=Toaster,Nov 14 2006, 12:02 AM] link_03.gif We’re gladly announcing that the United-BattleZone will from now on take up registrations for their second DC 1vs1 Tournament. We’re sure the last tournament is well remembered amongst you players and hope the run on this tournament will equal the last. The Tournament will start on 25th february at 5:00 PM CET(GMT+1). The Sign-Up is here possible. The CheckIn will be on 25th february, 4:30 PM CET(GMT+1). The matches will be played on one day. Prizes: THQ Germany suppots the tournament again with great prizes: 1st place: - The player can choose between 1x Razer Copperhead and 1x Razer Krait - One Dawn of War T-Shirt - One Dark Crusade Poster 2nd place: - The player can choose between 1x Razer Exactmat and 1x Razer Mantis - One Dawn of War T-Shirt - One Dark Crusade Poster More information about a coverage dealing with the matches on 25th february will be released within the next days. We’re expecting your participance and enthralling matches. The site is currently in german only, we're sorry for this, but you'll find in this thread an english guide on howto sign here. A. FAQ 1. How can I register? Answere: English users can register by using the english registration process. You can find it here. 2. What do the words Anmelden, Einchecken, Teilnehmer, Abmelden and Turniergrid in the tournament navigation window mean? Answere: They mean signup, checkin, participates, signoff and tournament grid. 3. Whats the Command Center and how does it work? Answere: You can edit your account details here. A short explanation of the functions: Profil bearbeiten: Edit your profile. Logo ändern: Change your logo. Passwort ändern: Change your password. Team erstellen: Create a team. Team beitreten: Join a team. Team bearbeiten: Edit a team. * Daten bearbeiten: Edit the team details. * Logo ändern: Change the team logo. * Mitglieder verwalten: Manage the teammembers. Team verlassen: Leave a team. Team löschen: Delete a team. 4. What are those things in the profile? * Login-Name: Your permanent page login nick. * UBZ-Nick: Your UBZ Nick. You must always adjust it to your current online gaming nick. * Wohnsitz: The city / country you live. * Homepage: A link to your homepage. * Nationalität: Your nationality. * Beschreibung: A short description of yourself. This guide shoud help you participate at United-BattleZone tournaments. Normally we host a Zero Hour tournament every sunday. Feel free to ask any questions. Visit us on Pre-Tournament Step 1 – Registration: First of all you have to register. The account is valid for our forums and the tournament page. You can use our English registration process. After registration check your mail and click the validation link. Step 2 – Log in: Second you have to login in (enter username and chosen password). login.JPGStep 3 – Sign Up for a tournament: Third you have to choose a tournament you want to participate. The tournaments are listed in the right column of the page. The game symbols and abbreviations show which game is played (most likely Ra2 – Red Alert 2 [marked as yellow] or ZH – Zero Hour [marked as red]). Tournament date and time are Central European Time. choose.JPG Click on “anmelden” for your desired tournament (first in the right column, after that the button showing up in the middle of the screen). You’re now signed up (check the “Teilnehmer“ link for your nick – if it shows up you’re signed up) anmelden2.JPGStep 4 – Check-In: The time shown is the time when the Check-In starts. The Check-In is a confirmation of your participation, which usually starts 30 minutes before the tournament. All players who signed up have to check-in in case they still want to participate (this prevents us from having a grid with 50% players not available). Click on “Einchecken” at the right column – after that click the button showing up in the middle of the screen. checkin.JPGDuring the tournament: Communication between admins and players in IRC is obligatory: Each player must stay in the IRC-Channel #united-forum (QuakeNet) during the entire tournament. All communication with other players and especially the tournament admins takes place there. In case you don’t have an IRC Client set up at your computer, you can use our „ready-to-go“ IRC, which is available here. Admins can be identified by the "@DoW" in front of their nicknames. If you don’t use IRC you can’t participate or will be excluded. Tournament Details: The tournament details contain detailed tournament information (e.g. maps, prizes) – mostly in English. Grid: After the tournament started check the grid for your opponent. Contact him through IRC and play your games (see tournament details for modus, maps, etc.). grid.JPGReport Loss: After all games of a round were played (most likely it’s best of three, but check tournament details for exact information) the loser has to report the loss and upload the replays. Don’t report the game before all games are played – reporting is final and can’t be undone. All replays have to be uploaded at once (put them in a .zip or .rar archive). report.JPG