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#51 11 years ago

OK we have a major update now: first this mod is not dead and will not be dead ok. update now: we have a thunderhawk hq we have a code version not yet available(need beta testers) we have a force commander we troops(for now tau troops) we have airborne troops(imperial guard)(is going to be harakoni warhawks) we have a airborne command(a valkyrie) we have scouts(imp guard from npc) we have a vanguard squad(they are the heavy guys if the legion troopers cant handle it). we have tanks and dreadnoughts there are going to be major changes to the mod: yes maybe not sure we have the elysian as regular legion troopers. we have a support weapon team. a baneblade that you can call in tier 2(woot). a Artillery vehicle. and we have a tech tree here it is: tier 1 legion >legion barracks > watch post > plasma generator > tech facility > turret > deploy ( chapel barracks) (listening post) (armory) truck (is an hq)

legion deploy truck builds: legion builder,light scouts(kasrykin spawns with one guy and can reinforce to 2 guys but cant reinforce further than 2 guys) legion barracks builds: legion troopers,legion commander,jumpjet troopers(assault space marine) (tau troopers) (space marineforce commander)

tier2 501st armoured > tank depot > thermon plasma generator deploy truck (space marine tank building)

501st command truck builds: sherman tank,legion troop transport,armourd walking suite. legion barracks builds: legion vanguards(limited 1),commando's(limited 3). 501st armoured deploy truck builds: legion squad leader.(chaplain)

tier 3 501st command > 501st airborne command > 501st council truck (orbital relay) (tau building where the etheral can be build)

501st airborne command builds: harakoni warhawks,harakoni warhawks heavy weapons squad.harakoni warhawks drop senitel. 501st council builds: legionarie leader Hawk 501st tank depot builds: sherman railgun(limited 2), confleusions(limited 2) (hammerhead) (whirlwinds)

tier 4 relic unit 501st tank depot builds:ah-bf(armoured heavy- battle fortress)(limited 1) (a baneblade)

as you see i have stated baneblade tier 2 and it is stated here above tier 4 this is only a balancing reason for getting the baneblade in tier2. and we need some names for a couple of units like leader hawke and ah-bf and confluesions and sherman railgun. i will make the tech tree a bit clearer in the next update i see its a bit unready but this is whats in the code version. anyway enjoy. btw in the next update we have pictures of the mod.