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#1 14 years ago

Im (still) tryin to get my custom FX to work in the DoW ME but that bloody pink box keeps spawning insted of the FX, iv got everything else going (.RGD from the AE, events and all that) but i get an error message in the ME as follows: RENDER ANIM -- Art/EBPs/environment\sekmet_fx\tzeentch_fountin: Unable to open file! [small rectangle] The files that go in here are the .WHE & .WHM object files spatout by the object editor (I think, I know the WHE are with the txt file saying that all is well) but affter attaching the FX LUA's to the events & motions (which work great in the OE) it only saves as .WHE and i cant work out how to get the .WHM out, looking at other objects it seems that this file is crucial to FX working in the ME (its to large not to be), Any one wish to share there great wisdom/knowledge as to were where these .WHM files are put together or exported from. My uttermost thanks to all.