Anybody got the free time and kindness to make a mod for me??? -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

I'm not wanting anything big, I just can't mod lol. I want a mod for Winter Assault, and a mod for Dark Crusade. If anybody here has the free time and willingness to make a mod for me, PM me.

Thank you guys!!

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14th January 2008

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#2 11 years ago

would help if you told everyone what the mod was


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14th November 2007

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#3 11 years ago

First of please dont use lol when you want someone to do somthing for you its just sounds that you arnt seriouse about it.

"Want" isnt the greatest word to use either "would" would be a nicer word to use.

Also you might like to tell everyone what this mod is that you would like us, the kind and helpfull community, to HELP YOU make as many people here cant be, for al lack of a simpler word, arsed to pm people arond here.

When i say "HELP YOU" i mean your ganna need to do SOME of it yourself, there are many people around here that will gladly help you, such as me, wraithcat, wereturnip to name but a few. There are alot of tuorials on relic forums. How do you think us mod makers learnt?

Try to exsaust all other options, as in read tuorials, follow them thorugh, ask people to help you with what you dont understand. if you read other topics asking other people to make a mod for them, they pretty much get the answer no.

hope this helps, and im not by any means having a go at you for asking, its just theres been so many topics on this.


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18th June 2008

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#4 11 years ago

Ill be willing to help, if you let me know what you want ^^ but i agree with scotzmen you should try out modding yourself from scratch, we all have to start somewhere ^^