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#1 13 years ago

Hi there. As some of you may know i was making a mod called Call To Arms. And i still am, i have simply restarted. It will be table top in fast forward. I know plenty of people have said they have already made a 'closer to the codex mod' but the only thing that changes in the ones i have seen is the models (ie, Chaos Terminators). The purpose of this thread is for you to help me make the mod with out doing much! You get in the credits, speed up the mod making and dont have to do much. Just answer the questions i ask. This applies to table top players. 1. What are the stats of a Chaos Defiler (armour, BS etc.) 2. Stats of an Ork Squigoth 3. Stats of an Imperial Guard Baneblade. This mod will take time, it will hopefully be released before Dark Crusade, if not i will convert it to a DC mod. For more information please message me on here, or add me on MSN at: [email][/email]


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#2 13 years ago

right a defiler is: 150pts, WS 2, BS 4, S8, I 4, A 2 with front and side armour 12 and rear armour of 10

Baneblade is: 634pts, Armour: Front 14, Side 13, Rear 12, structure points 3, BS 3

(only had the rules for the forge world gargantuan squiggoth) squiggoth: 150pts, WS 2, BS 2, S 10, T 7, W 6, I 1, A 4, LD 7, Sv 3+

hope that helps (if someone hasnt already) anymore info just PM me or email at [email][/email] (use the same address for msn if you wish to contact me there)


I didn't make it!

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#3 13 years ago

Thank you very much you in the credits and ill contact you if i need more help. Thanks! :)