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13th March 2005

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Im working on my own mod called Chaos rules. It will add 2 more units to each side, Possibly one new building. i cannot model, so no new models will be used. i cant ge tthe skin working so there may not be skin. i am making the whole mod by hand, that is all editing is done with note pad. new units. Chaos Space mairne Vehicle: Shreader: artilery unit, Armed with Twin Battle cannon, it is devastating to any targets. Starts with Twin Artilery bolter. It must be upgraded to battle cannon. Chaos: Heavy assault tank. More Armor than the preadator. Armed with an autocannon, Twin bolter and an Electro Tip. The bolter can be upgraded to electro tip. Space Marine Vehicle Scout Dreadnought. A smaller, faster dreadnought. Armed with a Light Flamethrower, heavy boler in place of an assault cannon. The Twin laser is still there, but its not as powerful as the others. Infantry. Dark Librarian. The Ultimate unit of the space marine. He has more powers, and pleant of life in him. Not as good as the Avatar or Blood thirster, But more powerful than any other infantry. Eldar Infantry Tank hunter. Anti tank unit. A larger Warp spider squad, Armed With Heay Death spiner, Capible of shreading Tanks, as well as infantry. Other unit NOT confermed yet. Ork Infantry Stompa boyz. A tank busta squad That Is lead by a killa kan. they have more explosives and larger squads than other tank busta. Vehicle Shoota truckk. a Wartrukk armed with biga guns, more dakka evryware. Unit tweeks. The Defiler will no longer be an artillery. it will have an less rapid auto cannon in place. Unit cap is up 2x. A few weapon tweeks. Space marine Squad Sizeups. Grotz renforce faster. They will deal more damage. Weapons. Electro tip. Bolter with an electric effect. More effective agenst armored targets than standard bolter. hidden weapon. Weaons Dresed up to look sound and act like a diferant weapon. Like a bolter that acts as a flamethrower, only there is no actual flame damage. Your seeing a flamethrower shoot, only to get hit by bollets. Deploy times will be removed on some weapon. Picture will be added once I get the new unit up and running.