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#1 13 years ago

Greetings The problem i am having right not is NOT being able to create banners and badges using Photoshp Element. I am aware of the forum posted in green above that discuss the same problem but appearently no solution was woffered. I have also read through tutorials that I found google but most were skimpy in details; and lastly i have tried using badges and banners that works and replacing it with my own picture but still it failed to show up in game. Can anyone give me step by step instructions on creating badges and banners using photoshop element. Thank You


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#2 13 years ago

I know how to do this with photoshop but i'm not sure about elements the important thing to remember is badge sizes are 64 X 64 pixels and banners are 64(w) X 96(h) pixels also they need to be saved as 32bit targa files (.TGA) into the following directories C :thq\dawn of war dark crusade\badges and c :thq\dawn of war dark crusade\banners. I will have access to a computer over the weekend which has elements on it so I will take some screenies and write a tutorial for ya hopefully this will be of some help