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#1 14 years ago

Custom Frontend_UI Tutorial, ( after many thread on relic forum ) I think that it not clear to many people how to extract the LUA or simply because they won't extract because it a few gig worth for a 1k & 2k text file... so Copy / paste those line they are actual DC lua unchange except for my default race which is only the last race i played. Hope it help you out, and Mod Team : Guess who know how to add custom intro movie to Dow and DC ??? screwy.gif... no i really do !

to make a front_end model you have to make an Anime call "Frontend_ui" than it in ACTION to and you should see in ACTION TREE : "Frontend_ui" and that anime will be call upon when in game.

the "Frontendmodel.lua" is:

models = { default_model = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Riot_hammer", } light = { ambient_r=1.0, ambient_g=1.0, ambient_b=1.0,

diffuse_r=1.0, diffuse_g=1.0, diffuse_b=1.0, }

Riot hammer been my own model indeed and you put that in the Folder Data and the MODEL need to be in XXyourDoWfolderXX\XXmodXX\Data\art\UI\3D_models\

by doing so you'll have a Custom frontend model

You can, if you have it, look at Dawn of Steel DATA folder as it got everthing you need to know. you can add line in the Frontend.lua to have a base model for every race too.

Post back if it work. if not i'll try to find the prob from you.

PS : do someone need to know how to had custom INTRO MOVIE in Dow / WA / DC ???firedevil.gif Ask the Furreto's !!! as he surely know ! ( not Fake ! it work !! and EZ )

Ok i'll do it fine so you won't need to look in Steel legion file.

DC frontendmodels.lua is :

models = { race_0 = "chaos_marine_race", model_0 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Chaos_Lord_Frontend", race_1 = "eldar_race", model_1 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Eldar_Farseer_Frontend", race_2 = "ork_race", model_2 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Ork_Warboss_Frontend", race_3 = "space_marine_race", model_3 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Force_Commander_Frontend", race_4 = "guard_race", model_4 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Imperial_Captain_Frontend", race_5 = "necron_race", model_5 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Necron_Lord_Frontend", race_6 = "tau_race", model_6 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Tau_Commander_Frontend", default_race = "tau_race", default_model = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Tau_Commander_Frontend", } light = { ambient_r=1.0, ambient_g=1.0, ambient_b=1.0,

diffuse_r=1.0, diffuse_g=1.0, diffuse_b=1.0, }

And this is for when the game load, in main menu. to change the model you want to have there, do as i said. you put the model with the ACTION TREE ( OE )command FRONTEND_UI in the folder DATA\ART\UI\3D_Models\ ( your mod folder indeed )

DC Campaignfrontendmodels.lua is :

models = { --[[ model_0 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Chaos_Lord_Frontend", marker_0 = "marker_cha_placement", side_0= "disorder", bone_0= "bone_master", clickedMotionTime_0= 2.03, teamColorPath_0="Art/EBPs/Races/Chaos/texture_share", teamColor_0="default_6", -- the following parameter is optional -- by default if bone_i is not defined for this entry it will try to a bone named -- "bip01" if not found then it will use the first bone (bone 0) -- bone_0 = "bip01" model_1 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Eldar_Farseer_Frontend", marker_1 = "marker_eld_placement", side_1= "order", bone_1= "bone_master", clickedMotionTime_1= 4.03, teamColorPath_1="Art/EBPs/Races/Eldar/texture_share", teamColor_1="default_5", model_2 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Ork_Warboss_Frontend", marker_2 = "marker_ork_placement", side_2= "disorder", bone_2= "bone_master", clickedMotionTime_2= 2.7, teamColorPath_2="Art/EBPs/Races/Orks/texture_share", teamColor_2="default_4", model_3 = "Art/UI/3D_Models/Imperial_Captain_Frontend", marker_3 = "marker_ig_placement", side_3= "order", bone_3= "bone_master", clickedMotionTime_3= 2.03, teamColorPath_3="Art/EBPs/Races/imperial_guard/texture_share", teamColor_3="default_0", ]] }

And as you can see it's a bit more complex. But is use DoWwA lua and Order / Disorder is of no more use i thing. anyway unless you're making a FULL army mod, don't play in this one.

OK recap :

1) make a model with "Frontend_UI" in action Tree just any idle motion and join it to frontend_ui action. 2) put the model in Art\UI\3D_models\ 3) make sure to have the exact same name in the lua and model. 4) save you're lua and put them back in the Data folder.

Here you go... from the furreto's ! Next come the Zooming part so that the model too far away or to close in the Main menu, use the Space Marine exemple, the Camera01 have the best zoom& angle

final tips : not play around in the UCS file don't even open it. you don't need to enter a $ID unless Full scale races modding just add those line directly in the Attribute editor. and there was an issue for the Screen name ID that sometime need to be set to something else ( anything ) than "$0" to have the model load in game, don't know about Frontend but at least you,ll know if it,s the case.

So ? i hope it help you a bit. Post be back to know how's it's work. cause i can't test myself cause of flaming comp troub.

Cya, EL Furreto.