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6th April 2008

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#1 10 years ago

hey, a few weeks ago i found a forum were sum1 was making a campaign for dark crusade where you can be demonhunters and witch hunters, unfortunatly i lost the forum and i want to know how they made the campaign screen to be llike the dawn of war vanilla campaign screen, (where you choose your campaign then run it etc) if anyone finds the demonhunters and sisters of battle campaign for dark crusade or knows how to make the campaign screen so i can make my own campaign and run it etc, please tell coz i really want to make something


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6th November 2008

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#2 10 years ago

Hi Maxxta, sorry no one else has answered that knows more about it. I'm not one of the modders at all, but have tried a lot of them and kept this link to a full Dark Crusade Campaign:

DoW Kingdom, Dawn of War Downloads, Dawn of War Mini-mods

You might be able to look at the script and figure out how he did it, or contact Etherdragn and see how he did it. I'm glad to see how much you are doing, and keep it up! Since DoW II doesn't allow modding I bet that interest in Dark Crusade and Soulstorm will be around for quite a while.

Say, when I logged in FileFront tried to give me your message about the map download, but I had my popup blocker on and lost it. Could you send it again, please?


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3rd March 2009

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#3 10 years ago

linear campaign manager and DC

all right it's been a while since i saw this message but late is better than never to answer, isnt it?

what causes problem is the folowing: Relic just disabled the campaign linear manager from DC and replaced it with their new metamap system. The linear campaign manager (LCM) was/is harcoded ,this mean it can't be modded or accessed without a complete hack of the core engine files wich is ILLEGAL. the Metamap interface was done by a tier compagny ( Scaleform) and uses gfx files ( Flash swf and action script code compiled in a specific way ), We have been warned by Relic, at the time, that tweaking anything related to the GFX was ILLEGAL and will be prosecuted. The license agreement Relic has with Scaleform is a damm serious buziness so they wont have any pity in triggering the Orbital Fire of Copyright Law upon any modding punk playing with this.

all you can do if you want a metamap new campaign is changing the visual aspect of the map (change the terotiry texture and the way terroties are linked to campaign scripted files, make new mission and so on. That is what Etherdragn did with the DOW Kingdom campaign and i did a pretty good job.

the only other solution is : bypassing the metamap core file system and using an existing feature ie the skirmish system.

so : myslef and Incarnate are the guys that were driving the Darkness Within linear campaign for DC last year. i say "were" because Incarnate has retired from modding so i'm almost alone on this project for now.

The DArkness within campaign is on hold for the moment, to reactivate it i need to gather a new team of dedicated and skillfull members. all the public data related to the Darkness Within project can be accessed at the Relic News forum here : RelicNews Forums - [SS] DOW Darkness Within - An ASID Campaign mod -Warning, pic heavy!

What we were doing is a complete rework of the Skirmish and main menu screens, we are tweaking the skirmish menu to achieve the folowing:

complete rework of the main menu :

1)once mod is activated the skirmish button get replaced by a "play campaign" button, the original camapign one just doesn't exist anymore.

1) hide all maps but the campaign files from the skirmish menu 2) rework the menu to have a "campaign" button and diferent informative window displaying the folowing informations:

mission name mission context localisation in the galactic system a "show misison briefing " button a "launch mission" button

3)only display first mission or completed mission. all the above task have been completed with 100% success.

this way we completly bypass the metamap campaign access and game.

linking mission objectives to subsequent mission is not that difficult, it requires some tricks and skill in scar coding and such but feasable.

If you really want to know more about this please read carefully the Darkness Withinthread (quite big indeed) then pm me at Relic News forums.

if enough people are volunteers to work on this linear campaign manager we may get it finally working.