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#1 13 years ago

Hi I am a somewhat expericed Modeler Interested in starting up a halo mod. I allreadly have many Riged and renderd Halo2(low polly) models.

I allready Know there is a halo mod in progress but personaly I don't like it and would like to try out my own Ideas.

I would like to start out simple Doing a MP and even a SP Map and army based on the Silent Cartographer(Death Island) and the events on it.

This is some of my work here

Tutorial127.jpg0070.jpg0027.jpgCrates.jpg0045.jpg I can get more if you want too.

I need people who are Experienced in using the DOW tools because Honestly Im new at DOW modding and just got back from Halo2 modding (NOT cheeting wise) so I understand dependancyes and Meta data and such. Oh here is a renderd Zanzibar of course I/can't use it but the water effects. water.jpg Do know that Im using h1 style models and a h2 style map.


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#2 13 years ago

isnt that imported from the game!?!?!