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17th August 2007

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#1 11 years ago

hey there i havnt been making lvls for a while so i thought to myself why not start again. so the last map i left off was this IG level where a squad of IG have to reach a SM outpost in a lost city. so i got the biggining done then i thought. how will i make it so i win when i reach the outpost and how do i add guys to the squads. and how do i make a starting location and not have the enemy building more guys. another problem i found was how do i fix the green minimap. also how do you make decals and all.


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24th July 2006

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#2 11 years ago

This is for the minimap: [SIZE=+1]3.8 Minimap[/SIZE] Creating a minimap is unfortunally an annoyingly difficult task. I would love relic if they would implement in Mission Editor a working minimap creation tool. There are 2 major problems which occure when looking at a ME created minimap, the first one is that not all decals and textures are shown on the map and the second one is if you are not making a square map, the minimap will look like total crap. I will try to do an easy as possible tutorial on this. Preparations 1. Take a screenshot out of Mission Editor with the Print Screen button 2. Paste this screenshot into MS Paint and cut away all useless terrain so you have only game terrain (terrain which units can reach) on your screenshot. You will have some unused terrain too due to the perspective on the map. To find out that terrain it's very useful to active Terrain Type Overlay in Mission Editor after you have created the screenshot. 3. Save this first raw image as bmp. The raw image may look like this:me38_1.JPGFixing the view (with Gimp) 1. Load the bmp image into Gimp 2. Doubleclick on step 1 3. Select perspective 4. Transform the map at points 3 5. Transform (step 4) 6. Scale the image to 256*256 and save the picture as 24-bit tga without compression me38_3.JPGFixing the view (with Photoshop) 1. Load the bmp image into Photoshop 2. Select the whole picture 3. Use transform -> perspective distort 4. Now you will have selection box in every corner of the picture. Take one selection box in an upper corner and drag it to the left or right side. You will see now that the whole picture is distorted, play around with it until you are satisfied with the picture. 5. Resize the map to 256*256 and save it as 24-bit tga without compression. The map you have then should look like this: me38_2.JPGMinimap and Icon 1. The picture above can already be used as ingame minimap. You have to save it to [Dawn of War]\w40k\data\scenarios\mp\[mapname]_mm.tga. Anyway you have to test this minimap ingame as you have to rotate it in some cases if you took the screenshot from wrong angle. 2. To get a nice map icon which is shown in game room resize the picture above to 128*128 and save it as bmp. 3. Open it in MS Paint and paint the starting position numbers in the picture. Please take care you write the correct numbers for every starting position :)icon_gou.JPG 4. Save the picture and convert it in some other program back to 24-bit tga with no compression and save it to [Dawn of War]\w40k\data\scenarios\mp\[mapname]_icon.tga 5. Voila, you're finished!

And as far as making so the enemies can't build units and so you win when you get to the position I have no idea.


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22nd December 2006

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#3 11 years ago

I can't help with modding but I like supporting people :nodding::nodding: Good luck and I like missions with objectives. Good luck.

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29th January 2007

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#4 11 years ago

Well hmm

almost all you want is pure scar. Forcing the Ai to do something as well as vctory conditions

Hmpf, might even have a teenie look at the reach outpost.

Should bee too hard, could use a modfied transport script I've got stashed somewhere, except it would only work for player1 and after reaching the marker it would give a victory.

Hmm will look into it,.

And start locations are objects. Under gameplay objects. Just assign them tot the respective players.