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21st March 2003

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Team name: 'Shee Labs' Mod Teams

Project name: Foot of the Centaur The Hereto and the Hereafter

Brief description: Foot of the Centaur is a fast paced sci-fi RTS mod, set in a highly characterful future and featuring two intense diametrically opposed factions. The project aims to produce a high quality single and multiplayer mod project, early concepts for which are detailed here;

Target aim: 'Foot of the Centaur' is a total conversion project for THQ/Relics'' Dawn of War. The project aims to first complete a working multiplayer build, and later move onto a pair of short singleplayer campaigns for either of our factions respectively. The project is now in its earliest stages of development for the launch into a suitable engine, and expects to be in production for as long as necessary, releasing in three main stages (multiplayer, confederation campaign, centaurian campaign), and additional patches where necessary.

Compensation: No financial compensation available (it's a mod project!). This project is however ideal for portfolio work for those intending to later break into the games industry in some form.

Technology: Dawn of Wars' proprietory features.

Team structure: The team is yet to be recruited and currently only consists of the basic writing and coding staff. 3d experienced staff are very much required at this point for the project to continue.

Website: There is currently no website, as there is currently insufficient staffing to warrant it. A website will be made if the project becomes staffed enough to move forwards.

Contacts: Please contact me at [email][/email]

Teaser Text: “The new Confederate Government has been compared to that of the Stalinist Regime, synonymous with totalitarianism and tyranny. Opposition had been crushed, repeatedly and entirely, silenced through means of secret policing and abduction. A policy of exile was enforced; political opposition is arrested, amassed and deported in great barges. These barges contain thousands of souls; activists, politicians and many others, many of which were entirely innocent of the crimes of which they had been convicted without trial. These barges later left for Alpha Centauri with their captives held in stasis, a great journey taking almost forty standard years. It had been intended that the barges were to return to continue the cycle, but they did not. Eighty full years passed, and the barges did not return. It was at this point that the Confederate Government appointed a small scout party to reclaim any remnant of the wreckage. Using newer technology, allowing for super-luminal communications the scouting party descended upon the Centaurus constellation the binary stars of Alpha Centauri A and B. It was there that they made the most stunning discovery of the 3rd millennium; another planet, similar to Earth, teeming with life. The scout party continued their approach unto the mysterious concealed planet, positioned awkwardly between the two stars, as if somehow keeping them apart and at bay. It is unknown what truly happened to the scouting party, but their distress call and pleas for their assailants to cease their attack returned to Earth, to be recorded and logged by the Confederate Government. In a bold move, the Confederate Government released a delegation of emissaries and politicians to Alpha Centauri. They suffered a similar fate, revealing their attackers as human. The Confederate Government declares war on the Centaurians. The full military potential of the Confederate Government realised, many billions of fighting men aboard many millions of fighting vessels departed Earth in the quest to occupy the hidden planet, their goal to take their territory and subjugate the populace, subjecting it entirely to the whim of the Confederate Government, enslaving or destroying all those that may stand in their way. And thus the greatest of all wars had begun, the Confederation billions lie in orbit, shrouding the planet in gloomy darkness, bombarding the planet with munitions and soldiers, taking ground and eliminating the Centaurians in their homeland…”

We're looking for both criticism and staff (staffing we're looking for at present includes 3d artwork, including animation, rigging and skinning etc.)

Thanks for reading.



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24th April 2005

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#2 15 years ago

Good luck. Even though it has an 80% chance of failing miserably.