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#1 12 years ago

Hello, I may not be the administrator or project lead but I am a member of the Halo: Retreat and Retaliation mod team... I ask if there are any willing recruits out there or other DoW mod members who have the time and patience to help us... Rumours spread that there might be a Beta coming up... We need: Modellers- (Priority 9.9/10) Requirements: -Able to use 3DSMAX. -Has fair or high experience in modelling. -Good team worker. -Able to use the DoW Mod tools... Texturers- (Priority 9/10) Requirements: -Has fair or excellent experience in texturing... -Able to texture 3D models. -Quick worker. -Able to use Adobe Photoshop or Tatoo... Animators- (Priority 9.6/10) Requirements: -Good animator (As in very precise) -Can animate using the Dow Mod Tools or 3DSMAX. -Can animate 3D models (Obviously) -Quick worker... We need them as soon as possible... Please PM me at [EMAIL="albie@westnet.com.au"]albie@westnet.com.au[/EMAIL] if you are willing to join the team... If anyone asks I am am killalot777 in the dowfiles site... And I am killalot in the Halo: RnR forums: http://halornr.dowfiles.com -Thankyou...