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#1 14 years ago

Would someone teach me to use DoW RDN tools? I tried... and screwed it up.:uhm:


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#2 14 years ago

to be honest, you're on the worst place ever to ask this, ( no offence to you guy's !! ) you know is now really a hard thing to understand. always depending on what you want to do, starting here: the tool are : ME ( mission editor ) : at first it can SURE look confusing but it's really cool to use. AE ( attrib editor ) : with that you can change everything from unit cost to 30 unit per squad to what you want in the end. it's like learning at school... once you understand the language and understand what the word mean, you can try to speak it yourself, meaning that once you'll know what is, ebps, sbps, addon, etc, you'll ( i hope ) be able to figure thing out by looking at the game (EX : "that" thing is coming from that building and require "this", so i get rid of "require this" and transfer it to "that" building instead ) by making those kind of analogy you'll quickly figure what need to be change to get you,re wanted result. starting from the end you go down way to see EVERYTHING that is involve, i mean start from a Land_raider, it's require a relic, 2 hq addon, "that & That" building, XX support caps, xx research... by doing so you will see the process of implanting complex constrain to get more "pro style" result, but don't try to get Pro result the first time, just LOOK by going in reverse to understand, after go from simple change to bigger change to Pro style change. COMPLEX REALLY HARD THING : Model making, FX building, audio editing, Forget about those buddy. unless you want to get a heart attack. OE ( object editor ) : this tool is connected to the Game 3D engine, and require "coding" if i can call it that was, meaning that you'll need to know how to "speak" to the game to make it do what you want... forget it really... for now. It require you the Export HOME made model from 3D max studio, and that is REALLY NO JOKE to learn as it's the prog use to make the movie ICE AGE 1&2, stick to AE nad ME for now word of advise. Audio editor is linked to the OE mostly as the FX tool is too. not for you again for the time being. Chunky viewer : to be honest with you... i really don't care at all as i never use it before cause.... i never used it. Mod Packger : when you'll be a bit more skilled, this tool will let you extract model,fx, audio etc origine from the game to use it to Mod in 3D max and the OE, FX tool and Audio editor, for now again, all you'll get from it is another 2 or 3 gig of hard disk lost. the rest is a story for another time, but this is just what those tool CAN do. no what YOU CAN DO WITH THEM !!! trust me, something it's good to mess thing up, cause something the biggest mistake give the greatess result.... but very rarely trust me :) ... RULE 1 ) ALWAYS BACK UP STUFF BEFORE MODDING !!! so you won,t be stuck with messed up file. RULE 2 ) never read those boring README FILE cause everyone know that it's just bla bla bla and they can't help you in anyway... this is a knowed fact:naughty: ( hope you get it ) RULE 3 ) Working hard to get what you wish for, get helping other getting there too, <---Furreto's words my freind... and it's the BEST advise you,ll get here, why do you think an experienced modder like me who do 3D max stuff took the time to write you this long reply... just because i too was once in front of my screen begging for help, and i will never forget that i have been answer. in conclusion ( ha ha )... RDN RELIC WIKI can give you EVERYTHING you need to know about the tool, from start to 3D max ending in you're own finished mod. PS : i'm a french canadien, excuse my choppy english. and never forget that there can be ONLY !! One and Only.... and it,s me !! EL Furreto:cya:


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#3 13 years ago

ok thanks