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22nd May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=green]I Downloaded the DOW Demo Mod and put the data file in the data file and loaded the demo but i got the mmaps but i not get all this..... [/color] [color=green]orks[/color] [color=green] [/color] [color=green]mega armour nobs mob[/color] [color=green]snot mob[/color] [color=green]nobs jumppack mob[/color] [color=green]runtherd for snot and grot mobs[/color] [color=green]buildable walls from sp mission[/color] [color=green]squig (mini squiggoth)[/color] [color=green]proper killa kan with 3 squad size[/color] [color=green]burna boyz mob[/color] [color=green]meks mob[/color] [color=green]kommando mob (infiltrates)[/color] [color=green]shoota boys, sluga boys mob increase to 30[/color] [color=green]stormboy mob increased to 20[/color] [color=green]resize of looted leman russ and dread[/color] [color=green]wartrak squad size 3[/color] [color=green]destroyed vehicles and dead men stay only for 30 seconds because of sp mission scripting[/color] [color=green] [/color] [color=green]marines[/color] [color=green] [/color] [color=green]landraider, landspeeder, predator, rhino, whirlwind, dreadnought+HFdread model resize[/color] [color=green]landspeeder squadron of 3[/color] [color=green]thunderhawk gunship usable can transport troops(use jump though)[/color] [color=green]devastator squad[/color] [color=green]scout sergeant[/color] [color=green]terminator sergeant for assault squad aswell[/color] [color=green]veteran squad tactical marines sergeants guilliman2's idea[/color] [color=green]chaplain[/color] [color=green]destroyed vehicles and dead men stay for 120 seconds[/color] [color=green] [/color] [color=green]contains the gaurd mod aswell with resized leman russ and their vehicles and dead men stay for 120 seconds [/color] [color=green][/color] [color=green]how would i gat all of that so i can use it??:confused: :nodding: [/color]


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24th October 2004

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#2 16 years ago

u dont put the data file in the other data file, u remove the old 1 and replace it with the new 1 P.S (the imperial gaurd suck!!)