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Greetings, I'm a fairly new poster so please (i've read all the rules) if I happen to be violating a rule I missed by all means let me know and know I do it not intentionally. I have only recently discovered the mod world of DoW and this game has been my RTS for years now (before that It was SC/WC3/C&C). So...end result is that I love DoW but i'm not the biggest pvp (player vs player) I prefer AI's and playing my 'own' game. I'm looking for some mods...specifically are there any campaigns developed by players that are finished? (i've found a few that in the process but none finished) I would greatly prefer voice acting but its not required...I am done with the Campaigns on SS and need something else other then my 4v4 Insane AI battles. Secondly is there a mod that eliminates (or preferably drastically decreases) the Vehicle Cap? I like big batles...not bunch of a vehicle combat. Nothing more I enjoy then seeing 10 Squads of Space Marines with a single predator as SUPPORT...seems vehicles are a bit to primary in many AI matches I play.


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I didn't make it!

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lg8110;4261275DoW Kingdom, Dawn of War Downloads, Dawn of War Mini-mods Campaign mod for DC

Nice...thanks...reading it now, the pics looke awesome. I appreciate your quick reply.