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8th June 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Hey, actually, i found a little tool that can convert MP3 file to FDA, really eazy to use simply copy your mp3 and then run the program, take a long time but actually make FDA at 512 or 1024, the fact is i'm more of a Modeller( finally using the OB edit for MY own work) / Mapper( Making Custom Obj for the ME and Custom DDS ) and i really don't know what i should include in the LUA to make them play Could someone tell me those two thing : The Lua required to make a custom playlist, If a need to Re-encode to 1024K or lower setting using 512, it's getting late so i ask this before going to bed, It would help to know for my Model cause i need to use existing Dow speech for now, would gladly make my own. If you need the Actual Prog, I'll ask a Moderator if it's ok to attach it in a post ( maybe Dow file have something like it, but... don't think so ) Else i'll try to fix it in my web site ( in my signature ) as for this it will grow very fast as i found my "missing link to model" lot of Basic tutorial comming for ME ( i'll try to put my custom obj ) AE ( just started ) coming up OB and Sound Edit ( FDA---> when i learned it right indeed ) Ok time to sleep THX guy as always.