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#1 10 years ago

Im trying to combine Mike's Mods: Necrons with Movie Marines for DoW:Winter Assault and from searching the forums, it seems i have to edit the .module file, my question is how do you open a module file, and if anyone could, walk me through the process. Thanks to everyone that can help. Cheers! :beer:


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#2 10 years ago

You just need notepad. It will look a bit like this:


UIName = Bugfix + Random Wins Description = Unofficial bug fixes for Dawn of War - Soulstorm including random win conditions DllName = WXPMod Playable = 1 ModFolder = bugfix ModVersion = 1.05

;; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ;; List of folders to map for this MOD ;; order is important - the first Archives registered will be scanned for files first DataFolder.1 = Data

;; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ;; List of MODs that this MOD requires to work RequiredMod.1 = FugglesWinConditions RequiredMod.2 = DXP2 RequiredMod.3 = W40k

This is for the mod bugfix (hence the modfolder = bugfix) and has added the fuggleswinconditions as a required mod. To achieve what you want, simply add the mod to be combined as a required mod above dxp2 and w40k.


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#3 10 years ago

thanks for the help, wish you luck on all of your modding projects. Cheers! :beer: