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8th June 2006

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#11 13 years ago

4 night, less me explain, first i was to excitede to get modeling and not even read about how to do it now ( some day later ) i,ll do it in 5 min too !! as i was saying, it's only several thing put together, i,m much more used to the process now. as for texture, ( Sight ) well, i was "Proud" the day i post.... but since i simply "Know" what texture and skin are, i look at the picture and say to my self that at least i had fun, that day, Thx guy, it always make me laught when i read my ( 1-2-3 ) post, if you have some advise or good tips as for Polygon count ( which i was not aware of ) please contact me. PS: i,m not posting much these day, my car broke i'd even if i model one i did not find any "3D Car model Burner" :O) see you all later !!

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