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#1 10 years ago

Hi im new to this site but i have been modding for a few days now and i have found out alot.Theres just 2 things that i realy need help with. 1. how to edit unit health 2. how to edit where units spawn from.

I am making a mod that replaces the chaos race and changes it to a Chaos Daemon race. If anyone could also tell me how to make a new comand unit e.g make a bigger ver of a horror and making it into a monsterous creature i would be greatful. Do u just copy the LUA file and change the name of it?

Thanks for reading. p.s please help me.



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6th April 2008

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#2 10 years ago

if your doing it on corsix mod tools (i find them to be waaaay easier) click on data>attrib>epbs>races>chaos>structures> then wot evr structure u want a unit to come out of. open it up then click on spawner > squad table (if this isnt alredy in there then copy it from another building like barracks etc. when u open up the squad table there shud be like squad 1 : spbs/races/chaos/heretic_unit.lua or somthing along those lines then just change it to what unit u want to come out of it. and for the health editing do the same thing ecept click on troops instead of structures, click on the unit u wana edit, click on health find hitpoints in there and edit it to what u want it to b (this amount is for each unit in the squad so it normally ranges from 750-1200) and if u want to change wot weapon ure units start with (so like space marines start with heavy bolters) staying in the same file u were in a second ago (ure unit ure moddin) click on hardpoints>hardpoints1>weapon table> weapon1 :