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#1 14 years ago

[COLOR=black]hello[/COLOR] i have downloaded the playboy bunnies the installation i understand i think Installation: 1. Place hh_playboybadge.tga in \Badges\ 2. Place hh_playboybanner.tga in \Banners\ 3. Place hh_playboy.teamcolor in \Profiles\Profile#\E40k\Schemes\ (Replace # by your profile number ie. 'Profile1') i put the banner in THQ/Dawn of war/Banner and same with badges and the team color in THQ\Dawn of War\Profiles\Profile1\W40k\Schemes is this right and i need to know what version it is for because i dont know because that might be the problem should it just work when i load up the game?:eek: :bawl:



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#2 14 years ago

have you TRIED loading up the game yet...? Generally, following the instructions presented in the helpful README files of downloads lead to a working installation...


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#3 14 years ago

yer i tried all that i read the file and done everything it still dosent work same with the japanese badges and banners this is annoying it might be my version but i doubt it?