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#1 13 years ago

Hello everyone:cya:, I'm posting here to make it known to that community that the "Tanith First and Only MOD" is in need of assistance. As a gamer who has played both Dawn of War and the tabletop version of Warhammer 40k and seen the rise of great MODS such as the Steel Legions Mod and the Daemonhunters Mod, I had been waiting for a long time for a Mod that focuses on one of my favourite Imperial Guard Regiments. I remember that the Cadian Inquisition team had started a Gaunt's Ghosts Mod but sadly it was discontinued due to lack of support. Now that another Tanith Mod has sprung my hopes were rekindled but unfortunately it seems once again this MOD with great potential is dead. I'm no modeller or code artist. Nor am I even part of the core design team. But I can give support and insight regarding concepts. That's what this Mod badly needs: Support from the community. The Tanith Mod already has material to build up from but this MOD needs a bigger team. If your'e interested you can sign up at their main forum at I truly hope that this will become the much awaited Tanith MOD for all of us W40k gamers. Cheers!:beer: Mooshie


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#2 13 years ago

Hail be the light tanith troopers who are the core of securing the Sabbat Worlds! Ideas: special "tanith scout team" permanently invisible, tube-charges(grenades of a sort) and good at marksmanship.:nodding: Special hwt that is manned by "Try-Again Bragg" has more hp than normal and does more dmg but has less accuracy (:lol:). Sniper teams/single sniper's like vindicare but can get certain up's, like Larkin would be personally modifying his long-las for extra accuracy/range and there could be deaf-vergasite women snipers that have very good accuracy due to the fact they are deaf and are less-easilly distracted...:rolleyes: There would be Colonel-Commissar Gaunt with a command squad that could include Commissar Hark, Brin Milo, maybe Mkoll, some scouts/troopers maybe and a vox officer (probably beltayn). OH! and maybe a medic like Ana Curth or Dorden that would give surrounding troops a health-rate increase (like apothecaries and mad doks...) Some basic up's could be Straight Silver (boost to all guardsmen melee strength), possibly a T3 up to make all troopers invisible (possibly called Tanith Camo-cloaks or something like that...), and maybe something like target/range finders but with a different name... Another idea could be something like "Regimental Rivalries" like between Tanith and the Jantine and Bluebloods. Other squad leaders/ideas could include Sargent Varl, Col.Corbec, Soric Agun, Gol Kolea, Maj. Rawne and maybe a special bad-ass squad led by Rawne and Feygor that excells in stealth/close-combat... and alot of tube-charges... :lol: Sorry for the rant, but I hope i can help!!!