worth waiting for DX10 card to improve overall game lag? -1 reply

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22nd January 2006

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#1 14 years ago

ive been waiting for a few months now for a DX10 card from ATI to be announced. The X1950 XTX came out now, n it is somewhat better then the 7950 GX2 or good as it. Doesnt support DX10 which is a bummer to me. But anyways, u guys think it is worth it waiting for a DX10 card to come out from ATI to improve my overall lag to go completely 60 fps during in n intensive fire explosive battle in DoW? I sure hope so, it is rumored to come out this quarter or next. After i get one, i want to get the quad-core from AMD, scheduled to come out Q2 2007. Along with a AM2 motherboard, n 1-2 GB DDR2 800 SDRAM. What r ur guys think about this plan for my computer upgrades? UPDATE: I read on wikipedia about the DX10 card from ATI, is now rumored for n early 2007 launch n the Geforce 8 series rumored to come out November or December of this year retailing in 2 cards, 8800GTX - $649 n the 8800GT will initially cost $449-499. I probably wont have the money to get the Nvidia card if it comes out then because ill be spending $600 on the Wii n misc.