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#1 13 years ago

ok i made a post but all i got was views so ill try again. I love DoW and before 1.3 came out it worked fine for me. once the patch came out and that boom of beta versions of all the mods came out i just stopped being able to play. I can load the game up fine but i cant play single player at all, or anything online. I can see all the other people saying that mods dont work and someones gotta be getting this right. help me plz, i wanna play and i dont wanna not play a great game cause the mod-creators cant combine all the mods into 1 easy-to-install mod. thank you for reading, thank you more for your helpful posts. peace out.


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16th November 2003

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#2 13 years ago

Okay, Ive had to do this too, and I have about 6 mods at once... Sorry to say, but best bet is to downloading all three patches to your desktop first.... now (it sucks, but it usually will work)- unistall the game, delete that THQ folder in C:\Program Files\, then reinstall it again... then install the patches, which we already have downlaoded and ready to go as we are already frustrated, and its right there. K. Now, lets get Corsix's;41285 Mod Manager, it works wonders. Now, lets get all the (most recent versions!!!) mods we liked downloaded onto the desktop. I would recommend the more popular ones, like Cadian Inquisition, newest Daemonhunters, so on. Install these mods, the better ones usually have an Installer. Unzip the Mod Manager onto your desktop and run it... it will show on the left screen all the mods that are sitting in your game folder... hit the arrow buttons in the middle to move all your mods into the right hand of the screen... got that, now, look at the Advanced User Options, this rules... it'll say Installation Settings, and on the bottom it says merge, just hit "OK". Switch that off, and start the game itself.. when it loads, there is a Mod Manager on the Menu Screen, open it, and it should have a MultiMod, activate it. Corsix's Mod Manager merges all mods into one MultiMod, which your game will recognize, and it usually works out very very cool. Try this, its worth it... I like fighting the Ordo Hereticus vs. the Death Guard myself.