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#1 13 years ago

I realize that the notorious English_Chinese version has problems when patching and playing, especially when trying to patch to 1.40. However, it seems that by changing the Regions.ini to english, i was able to install all necessary patches. After there is the issue of that even after successfully installing all patches DOW doesn't run properly. By adding an additional language to the w40k.ini it will work:

[lang:english_china] ; console consoleKey = Control+Shift+Grave consoleFont = GillSans_16 ; GameSpy distribution ID, used in patching distributionID = 1051 ; textureTerritory = 1 ; url of news newsUrl = http://ocs.thq.com/patches/dawnofwar/news/English_Chinadow_news.txt ; url of rooms roomsUrl = http://ocs.thq.com/patches/dawnofwar/lobby/English_ChinaLobbyRooms.lua ; url of stats statsUrl = http://www.dawnofwargame.com/ladder/homepage.php

Now the problem is that some areas will show up as "$1305" or any other particular similar numbers. The proper way to fix those is to replace the Engine.ucs or w40k.ucs and put them in engine\locale\english_china and w40k\locale\english_china respectively. I dont have the updated files of these (W: DoW 1.5) and was only partially able to resolve them through guesswork and past memories; so if anyone one is able to upload them, please do so. Also i wasnt able to fix the graphicsconfig.exe and odd numbers for options will still show up. Even after numerous patches have been released since, this issue still hasn't been resolved properly, but i hope it will in the next one Thx.


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#2 13 years ago

Anyone uploading the UCS files from the game would (almost certainly) be in breech of the EULA. Unfortunately, as with many translated games, the only way to get it to work in a language other than the one you installed it in is to buy a copy in the language you want :\

I'd go to the Relic News Forums and ask in their Technical Help forum, since they're the 'official' help forums, and they might have found a solution for other people.


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#3 13 years ago

will do other than that, this is the only alternative method to fix the English_China versions until an official patch is released to solve this problem. Hope it helps