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#1 13 years ago

One of my favorite things to do (with the Space Marines) is take 3 predator tanks and two marine squads outfitted for long range and set up a firing line. This is very effective against the computer since it takes a hell of a sustained attack to break the line. This works best with all the units in the Stand Ground stance. But for some reason, the Predator tanks will sometimes chase after enemies in spite of the fact that they're supposed to be standing their ground. I'm 100% sure I have them in the right stance, but they still move off after enemies until they leave line of sight. Then, the tanks don't even return to their original position like they would (or should) in a hold ground stance. It's really annoying when I set up the firing line, then move off to manage affairs on another front, only to return to find the line broken and maybe even one or more tanks destroyed because he ran off alone and got swarmed. What's the deal? Edit: I've got v1.2. I'm not sure if this was maybe a bug that was fixed in 1.3, since I can't get that exe to work, but that's a separate problem.



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#2 13 years ago

Your not the only one who has noticed that, but i have the same problem only with the whirlwind. I have 1.3 and i set whirlwind in stand ground but it takes off and goes for any target it finds and never goes back, gets annoying when im trying to hold the line of like three or four whirlwinds.


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#3 13 years ago

Stand ground stance is the blue icon man make sure you have that in the box. other wise i dunno what you can do