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#1 14 years ago
[color=darkgreen]I've downloaded mods before like maps and full race and done the necessary in explore and they've worked fine, now i've got the mod i've been waiting for and i just can't make it work.[/color]
wondered if anyone could help me by explaning it to me in simpler terms or tell me where i'm going wrong. I have the ultramarines part as well.
Mant thanks, Ben. [email=""][/email] daddy.gif
Download the file:

Copy the directory darkangels in your \ Your directory should look like this: \darkangels\data\ \art \attrib \scar place the files 'ultramarines.module' and 'darkangels_mod.bat' in your and start the game with the Batch file 'darkangels_mod.bat' - double click the file.


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#2 14 years ago

Well if you have patched up to 1.4 i got some bad news for you


if u havent say so and ill give a differnt answer :P


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#3 14 years ago

yeah i'm on 1.4, i assume the 1.4 mod applies to the single player as well as the online 1? thanks for your responce, appreciate it matey.