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19th July 2005

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#1 15 years ago

this is annoying me, im trying to modd my game files so i can well mod stuff like the squad cap and stuff, and so i can make a mod by copying files to another folder and all (so my friend says) but i cant get past "...\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k\Data" apperantly there is more folders but i cant find them and me mate doesnt beleive me that they arnt there... anyway sorry fpr making such a long and confusing speech but can anyone help me confusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gifconfusedx.gif