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#1 14 years ago

Yo, As many of you know, EF isn't the most popular game that it used to be. Well, part of that is because we're tired of the same thing! So I've come up with a mod which should add some excitement to EF. I present my new Single Player mod!

Summary: You play as a member of a Police/S.W.A.T. team (I dunno which yet). You go in and bust out terrorists and go on various tasks (bank robberies, etc).

Weapons: I'm converting the weapons to Modern day weapons. For example the Arc Welder is being replaced by a P90.

I need the following to pull this off: Voice Actors (SO VERY IMPORTANT!), mappers, and model artists (I have skills in all of these, but not the best, and It's much easier to have more than 1 person working on the mod.). Scripters are not needed as I would honestly do the scripting myself. Mappers - I would like it if you have some experience with rigging maps to work with scripts. I'll help you if need be.

Any people willing to help me? LoL