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#1 10 years ago

Are There Any Good Stuff For Elite Force 1 And 2 That Makes The Single Player Better?

Or Is There Something For EF Like KM For Bridge Commander?

I Couldn't Really Find Anything.

I Tried Some Maps For Multiplayer And They Look Awesome. Make The Stock Ones Look Real Bad. Anything Good For The Single Player?

Also The Phaser And Phaser Rifle Doesn't Seem Canon At All.

Also Is There A Good 3rd Person View Mode Like In Jedi Academy. I Found One But The Aiming Is Really Inaccurate.

RPG-X For EF1 Has A Great 3rd person View Mode But It Isn't For Single Player.


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#2 10 years ago

Elite Force II

  1. Alternative Weapon Sounds [Info+Download].
  2. A Gate two Birds and the Beautiful Sky Mod for Singleplayer, with new Missions. - darkMatter-Clan Edition (most advanced version) [

Download] - Official relase [Info + Download] Return of the Empty Crown, Singleplayer Mod with new Missions. Capter 1 [Info+Download]. Capter 2 [Info+Download] HZM Co-Op Mod,Multiplayer Campaign (from Singleplayer). [Info+Download]Try these links above for now :)


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#3 10 years ago



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#4 10 years ago

Is there anything that replaces the chracters in EF1.

they look really bad compared to EF2!!!