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#1 16 years ago

I post some comments on no female lead character.

Ritual plans on having people play the CD-ROM game, using a male character. It seems that male player in multiplayer EF games use female players. The Ritual comment does not sound very inherently robust against criticisms:


>4-Apr-2002: GameSpyDaily recently got the chance >to chat it up with Ritual's Jon Galloway >(Producer/Creative Director) regarding the newly >announced FPS sequel, Star Trek Elite Force II. ... >GameSpyDaily: Will you be able to play as a male >or female Munroe again? > >Jon: The Elite Force II story is being developed >with a single male character lead. This will >allow us to have more interesting character >interaction then we would be able to do with a >variable character type. -------------------------

Maybe they should write extra code.

There a simple simple pear-shaped circle on the EF II gun display on the top rear, (with a radial grid inside of it), that can be seen in the images here:

The old guns had sparking blue and green, and that seemed to agree with the old Gene Roddenbery of having function there (i.e. no explanations and nothing useless: science prevails since it is understood by all [even Raven]), but with the additional detail of the display of the guns being unfinished so there are just sparkling rectangles.

But rather than the sparkle being replaced with purposeful instrumentation, instead it looks like the plan is to have a gun display that is now designed to be a replica of a rectangular plasticine putty ridge around a light emitting thick tube. It is the gun only. The light would have been a circle but instead it was shown as being pear shaped. Either way, it looks like the code dedicated to that display can't cover many lines. Such a bad instrument display would encourage financiers that EFII might flop with Star Trek fans who expect machines to function rather than to appear to be detectable with vision uncoupled from intelligence.

Instead the Elite Force II guns will/shan't have displays that do inform when a member of your own team who shoots 'her' own team members, is behind the person holding the gun. Transponders can be spread spectrum and unable to be detected by the opposing team's weapons. Or a gun that says if flag is taken and where it is. Indeed the display can be magnified onto a large part of the VDU. Why can't it emit a holographic projection: emits 2 invisible light frequencies and vapour cloud of crystals that interacts with the light projections to produce visible light?. Then radar maps can be visible. We certainly want the gun's computer to try to predict the direction the enemy may move. But I should get back to writing on Jon Galloway.

As noted, the comment of Mr Galloway was that it is substantially more "interesting" to have a male-female "character interaction" than to have the interaction swapped. When being shot down in multiplayer games, the women are not actually women, but the need for interactions could be driven by a hope for profits.

Each gun can have the same tactical weaponry advice giving systems and control remote probes, so that corners can be looked around. Other games have periscopes or the player can lean to either side.

I can't quite say Raven is better since they stopped with a speckled instrument. That seems better than what Ritual has subsequently done because before it looked like Raven ran out of resources/time, whereas for Ritual, it looks like arts-y decisions are being made, which means the producers might stuggle with difficulty against a lot of problems rather than effortlessly evade them.

I hope it does not end up like FAKK2: where it is dreary at the start and a game obviously for girls and actually liked by them, and then the girls can all get stuck for perhaps years in an underground cave with spikes that don't harm the character and with the monster (the companions are stuck in crystals). It was too easy and too hard in places.

While searching the comments to see if pure science what the backbone of the EF II project (I didn't see an inidication of that), I saw this:

"We also want to tie certain game elements into the Tricorder to enhance and expand upon gameplay. ... The weapons and effects have all been updated visually and showcase much greater detail then the weapons in Elite Force. There will be several new energy weapons, and two new melee weapons including both the Klingon Bat'leth and a mystical alien energy staff."

It is inevitable that the visual detail of the guns would be improved. Existing guns might not be being improved. When taking perhaps 30 secs to snip a remote player, it is not of interest to have a gun that is absolutley not being used, have been new when EF II first came out.

In one EF1 scene, the player went to engineering. Then the ship is lost with a core rupture... :love:


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#2 16 years ago

Developing a game is a big project for the developers, who would consider it reasonable to ignore my comments due to them spending >10,000 hours on the project.

I would try to plunge a dagger into myself, but the preview images are what we got and they don't see to show an Empire that is becoming more influenced by engineers and scientists (or starship pipe plumbers, etc.)

Raven's website has people doubting the final product. > >posted 30 March 2002 07:47am by HorckDude > >Ok, after some thinking I've lost some of my pessimism. > >I now look forward to EF2 and will buy it. However I'm still >not sure if EF2 will be better than EF. Raven is one of the >best shooter-company's (next to ID Software and Grey Matter, >which did RTCW) > >Ritual gamer was good with FAKK, Alice and MoH. But those >games weren't using a license. The last game in which they >used a license was the Blair Witch Project 3 which was one >of the worst games of the year! Hopefully they will have >people from Activision looking over there shoulders making >sure they won't do less work than Raven. Personally I hope >there will be SOME Ravenites involved in the process... > >IF they can make this a worthy game I'll be more than happy >to admit I was wrong but until the release I will remain >sceptical. >

I was mainly thinking of Holomatch and not the CD-ROM.

I didn't see much saying that Ritual is going to make Holomatch appreciated or popular. It ought be possible for them to explain theories on how that will appear in 2003.