Looking to get back into EF1... Recommendations for mods/maps/models/skins? -1 reply

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Chris Johnson

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17th March 2003

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#1 10 years ago

It hasn't been terribly long (sometime last year) since I re-installed and played EF offline on my computer, and toyed around with a few things before loosing it all in a computer crash...

But I'm thinking of getting back into Elite Force 1 online. In spite of my past feelings on the matters of this or that (on any game, including EF), for the moment I'm open for anything (at least as far as mods go that are on any particular server).

What should I get for normal-going Free-For-All or CTF (or related) action? What custom maps and player models or skins? I wouldn't mind getting out a compression rifle and try sniping a little bit before being forced to switch to the Tetryon Gatling Gun/Pulse Disruptor

What about for the ever-popular (and might as well be an official gametype) RPing? While I honestly think I might get bored to death, I guess something's in my nature that'll allow it as I wouldn't mind at least exploring various Starship-based maps. So what's the popular mods, maps, and player skins for it?

I'm pretty sure I can figure it out and might do so as I manage to clean up my computer, but I'd like to know suggestions from others anyway.


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30th April 2006

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#2 10 years ago

The Roleplaying part of the community is an increasingly large force in the overall population of Elite Force 1 being popular at all.

With at least six major Roleplaying groups and a number of servers for it, RPing has become quite the variety box of enjoyment - despite inter-group bickering.

For RPing, you'll find these useful;

RPG-X, Elite Force 2 Downloads, Elite Force 2 Total Conversions - RPG-X 2.0 RPG-X, Elite Force 2 Downloads, Elite Force 2 Total Conversions - RPG-X 2.1 Patch USS Atlantis, Elite Force 2 Downloads, Elite Force 2 RPG - USS Atlantis Map RPG Voyager, Elite Force 2 Downloads, Elite Force 2 RPG - RPG Voyager Beta2 Map

iWant Studios - Home - iWantStudios, one of the largest RP map producers. Their portfolio contains their downloads.