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#1 13 years ago

Hi, some of you know me others know me as ping-envy....i run several servers for ef1 such as photon phrenzy:eek: downtown baghdad :beer: power weapons:naughty: and several others i can run up to ten servers as i have a beter than t1 connection speed however i am also a 35 year old father of 7 kids (thats right and i work full time as a inspector and i cant keep up with the admin on all of them .. so .... im would like to interview some people to admin my servers for me this is not a clan ..or anything....and i dont care if you are in a clan but i do have a few guidelines:deal: no clan advertisments on the servers no changing the server name rcon can be revoked at anytime those are the basics but the short of it is i can run almost any mod ive been playing ef for 3 years now and latley ive seen i decline so ive always tryed to make it more interesting and im always open to suggestions about new servers maps and mods oh incedentily im looking for someone who can put together a good web site for the servers ithe only reason i even do this is because isimply love this game i would like to see it stay around for a while anywho if you have the time and ability ....send replys to [email=""][/email] later, ping:smokin: send all ...