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8th May 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Part Five of Borg War, a feature-length animated Star Trek movie, starring Patrick Stewart and created using SFC3 and EF2 has just become available at

borgwarmovie dot org

The first four segments were nominated for 2005 Mackie awards (from the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences) for "Best Series" and "Best Technical Achievement."

Unlike most machinima projects, which feature amateur voices, the project reuses and remixes the sound files inside the two games, so that Patrick Stewart and Tim Russ (Tuvok) play major roles in the movie.

Each segment is around 13 minutes long, when the final part is complete in March of 2006, the entire feature will be 80-90 minutes long. It is possibly the most ambitious machinima project ever attempted by a single person.

Reviews and comments are most welcome. I made this movie in part for people who like EF2. At any rate, the guys over at Ritualistic (who did the programming of EF2) seem pleased.


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25th February 2005

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#2 15 years ago

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