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31st December 2001

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#1 14 years ago

Everyone enjoys a good Villain. In Star Trek TOS, there were many very good villains.

SpaceStation K7 is proud to announce the release of our newest skin pak for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. TOS Villains!

Included in this skin pak are 8 villains from TOS.

Now you can frag:

Dr. Roger Korby from "What are Little Girls Made of?" Tommy Starnes from "And the Children Shall Lead" Colonel Green from "The Savage Curtain" Garth of Izar from "Whom Gods Destroy" Harcourt Fenton Mudd from "I, Mudd" Mister Hengist from "Wolf in the Fold" Captain Ron Tracey from "The Omega Glory" And a special mystery skin from TOS' third season.

All bots come with chatlines and wavs from the original series and have team support.

Beam on over to SpaceStation K7 now, download and frag these great TOS Villains!

SpaceStation K7. Your depot for Elite Force related mods.