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10th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

id like to say taht all the mods i have seen are great...in particular...the jedi mod..although i have two complaints and it might be that i dont understand how difficult it is to do or maybe it is impossible...but the duel saber and duel blade mod for the jedi mod is kinda dissappointing...i mean i really think its dumb to use two sabers or two blades becasue there isnt a point...there needs to be a mod that makes a stance and style taht actually uses the two blades and doesnt clip into the players body...and even cooler and what i would really like to see is a way to use two sabers and the second saber actually do something rathing than be just simply be attached to the left hand. it would be cool if you could bind one mouse button for one hand and the other mouse button for the other hand. or perhaps make a mod for a left handed jedi...why do all the jedis have to be right handed? anyways....youre probably saying do it yourself...but im lazy and dont have the time to figure out how to..so there...someone do it please...it would probably be a bigger thing than the yoda skin.