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29th October 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Its been a long while since I moded for Jk2. Last major mod I remember wass by my friend BoF_Blackwolf, the JediMod. Now there's this academy mod. I was told that I needed to make my saber hilt compatible with the mod. How do I do this?

On another note. I got my saber ingame. It's total polycoult is over 3000 polys. Whenever I turn on my saber, there is no blade, and the game lags so bad that the sound is messed up. I got all the latest drivers, a GeForce FX card, top sound cards, 300 ram, and P3 processor. I checked the flash tag several times and it is how it should be. This happens on a normal server I created, without any mods on it.

DJK aka Lord Hatrus