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7th August 2003

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#1 16 years ago

hey so.....i am a jk2 1.02 player and basically jka is a HUGE disapointment to alot of people that still like me play jk2 1.02 basically because it is so 1.04 'ish

a friend of mine actually emailed the developers of jka to ask whether a mod could be made to actually make the moves more like jk2 1.02

the reply was not good and they said that (i dont do mod talk LOL) something was different and therefore it couldnt be done.

but the thing is.....i've been looking at the single saber option in jka and it seems like it is exactly the same as jk2 1.04 now.....

the stances/saber moves were changed from 1.02 into 1.04 so surly this is a reversable process??

am not neccisary looking for someone to do it for me....( i mean u can if u want...LOL) i just want to no if im right and it is possible to turn the single saber option into jk2 1.02 sort of thing.