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30th June 2002

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#1 16 years ago

I dont know how to code, but i have a wishlist

mebby Fanmod or someone would do this?

Bounty Hunter Mod when starting multiplayer game, you can choose Jedi, or Bounty Hunter mod Jedi takes you to the normal lightsabre/force screen Bounty Hunter takes you to the Bounty Hunter screen

Jedi first: No real changes, although i like strong forces mod alot for it, as well as the wall run (make it longer please?); combining it with Enhanced Sabres and body mutiliations would be cool Jedi cant use the stronger weapons like weapons 7-9

Bounty Hunter: All of the below would replace the force powers...i know im asking alot... All weapons, no lightsabre, but stun baton instead. Grapple automatic, instead of force jump, flames and a flight jump pack from feet or back (more mobile then force jump, Speed makes weapons fire twice as fast, Seeing instead enables a Zoom feature for better sniping with all weapons, Force Grap: grapple: think ROTJ, when luke was grappled by boba, pulls target in. Force Push: grapples target and stuns them. Perhaps a coool Graphic for a grapple wire? Also the grapple from fanmod would help too, no wall run or wall flip

Bounty Hunter "specialty" force powers Protect becomes super shield, invincibilty at cost of most of force for like 10 seconds Lightning becomes a flame thrower Crush/grab darkside power becomes grapple wire that electrecutes opponnent Rocket: Shoots rocket thats half as strong as the rocket launcher at target, Predator Effect: invisibility makes model clear, and blends in to wall.

Any one like? i wish i could code id start on it :(

It would be hella fun.