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30th January 2004

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#1 17 years ago

[color=red]Hey I have this hilt that I ahve but I an't make hilts and I can't submit ish to jk2files so if someone can make it for me that would be a great thing to scratch off my to do list.Can anyone help me.Well if you make hilts and want a challenge e-mail me at: [email=""][/email] or [email=""][/email] please help me I've had this idea for months now and I have this great map I'm going to make a drawing on my comp. By the way the hilt blueprint/idea is on my comp already. So please help me hilt makers.And if you want a challenge for a map mail me please.I'm working on the map on my comp in the paint software.I just need someone to build it and post it for me thanks.[/color] :mepimp: [color=black]Peace :mepimp:[/color]