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30th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Well once my duo maxwell skin is done I want someone to make a dethsythhell form me and other gundam I am the presiden of the reborn clan if you make it you will get benifits I dont know what the are but youll get im.butt anway I also want to talk about skining.When I tried using milkshap to make a skin it made an error mesadge that there where tomany pixels(ever since I treid making the T-800 it started saying that.and I couldnt make the skin\model.)so I want someone to help me with this.rrrumm #chough ok #chough.Oh and if you make one send me a personal messadge. DUO FOR EVER DOW\Desktop\Johnstuff\gunthumb_lg_duo[1].jpg