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30th June 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Hey guys, I've gotten some great feedback for the Remix. One of the things that didn't sit well was the 'Purple Kyle' skin. So, what I propose is a vote: who will get Kyle's 'role' if you will. The only real limitation is that it has to be on a JKII model, since this is a 'speaking role' for JKII's cutscenes.

The current skins I'm using are located here: http://members.rogers.com/dragonremix/cast.html which are the first few on the poll. For other sugestions you can add them here or just e-mail me.

I'm also setting up the same poll over at the Writer's Block forums, http://wbfanfic.community.everyone....ts/directory.pl , just so you don't think that I'm messing with the numbers.