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#1 17 years ago

Hey thanks for responding. How would I go about finding the textures that the Radiant uses and the directory that they're under?


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#2 17 years ago

hi, from what i understand the editor when loaded searches your base folder in descending alphabetical order. it will take everything it can find from your pak files and texture folder(jpeg's and tga's), so the more maps you download and put in your base folder the more textures that will show up in the texture menu of radiant. If you open one of the pk3 files (as in assets0.pk3) with winzip, over to the right of the winzip window you will see the path of the file. If you click on the word path at the top of the list it will sort the whole list ascending or descending depending on how many times you click it. Now scroll down to the path starting with "textures/ . . ." You can drag and select all these and extract them to any folder on your drive, set the view options to thumbnails and browse them. For the texture folder in your base folder (gamedata/base/textures) you can just browse that without extracting anything. This is where you can put textures you made yourself and they will show up in the menu in radiant.