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7th April 2003

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#1 18 years ago

Hi, I'm a total newbie at skinning and I have a problem.

I've been trying to get a new skin I made of the third version of Admiral Thrawn working in JK2. I've been editing the Thrawn skin in photoshop, and I think I've packed up the PK3 right. But the Thrawn skin and icon for selection causes the game to crash back to windows whenever they are supposed to show up. I've followed the tutorial for packing my skins to the letter, so I'm pretty sure I'm saving the files wrong in photoshop.

So long story short: Just what should my settings be when saving .jpg files for skins in photoshop? I've tried messing around with it but nothing seems to work.


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17th February 2003

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#2 18 years ago

minimal compression

don't compress the files. it goes wacko and crashes

if that's not it, i'll still be here :)