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22nd March 2003

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#1 18 years ago

OK this goes out to all the advanced mappers out there.

My questions might seem basic but hint brushes are something that I realize no one really understands, or knows how to explain. How do you use the hint brush properly? Most of the tutorials on using it have to deal with corridors that have right (90 degree) angles in them, and right angles with a room and major complexity (such as alot of entities and models). Since most people don't seem to understand the concept including myself, I hope this will become a useful thread.

So my questions are:

A) Doesn't a door break up a rooms performing the similar function during the bsp process? (Or do entities behave differently)

B) If all the rooms in a map are rectangular with doorways dividing up the rooms and direct visibility of the rest of the room is there a purpose for a hint brush?

C) Are there specific times when it is highly recommended to use hint brushes and are there some rules of thumb for using them?

D) Does hint brushes save time in the compile process even though they break up the planes (shouldn't that techincally add time to the compiling process)

Most of the tutorial on hint brushes are very confusing stating that you should play with them to develope your own style for using them, which doesn't make sense really, it is giving no answer other then the fact that the author of the tutorial doesn't really grasp the concept or doesn't know how to convey the proper way of utilizing the entity. I don't want to limit this thread to much by making it to specific to any of my projects.

Please try to make your answer informative to aid the community, and be as descriptive and clear in your explanations as possible........(Most of the people reading these post don't have advanced cad training and such.)

:smokin: Darth Gringo :smokin:

PS I am starting to realize that I am truely ancient in relation to the average age of the mappers, modelers and skinners in these forums.



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11th April 2002

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#2 18 years ago

Vis is kinda a complicated thing.. I barely understand it. And when I thought I figured some of it out, turns out I was all wrong! :lol: Anyway, what you're basically talking about is the whole vis process in the compile. Another factor to keep in mind is the difference between "detail" and "structural" brushes. Now I thought I understood the difference between the two, but like I said, seems to be different than what I thought ;) But, as far as I can tell structural brushes block vis and detail brushes dont. If your map is only made of structural brushes then the compile will take a long time.. but if it's all detail the compile won't do much ;) When you make a new brush, by default it is made structural so you have to manually make it a detail (by pressing ctrl+m while the brush is selected).

I haven't looked into hints either so I'm as clueless as you on that ;) tutorials are very hard to understand so I've left 'learning hint brushes' to do in the future. No point rushing things :D Let's see if I can answer any of your questions:

A) No, doors do not break up vis as far as I know. But, if you put an areaportal brush inside the door (thin brush that extends all around touching the door frame) then vis is blocked (until the door opens, that is).

B) That would depend on if you use detail or structural brushes. Theoretically (according to me) if you make the walls of the rooms stuctural then no, no point in a hint brush. But if sof2map isn't making the right vis portals then you probably need a hint to 'force' the portals.

C) hehe, no idea for this one ;)

D) I think it depends on how you use them. But yes, I do believe the make the compile longer.

6th Floor has a pretty decent intro to hints/vis and stuff.. not too hard to understand:



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25th June 2002

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#3 18 years ago

The following tutorial is by far the best one I've read on hint brushes and how the map is divided in the bsp process. Had I read this tutorial before I started my map I would have constructed it differently. Please read it!