I Have A Few Ideas For Skins And Sabers! -1 reply

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8th September 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Hey ummm if your reading this and you are pretty good at skinning and modeling please email me at [email]frogyfly9000@msn.com[/email] if u wanna try to make the ideas i have.

well for one i have an idea for a saber and honestly i am suprised no one has thought of it yet well anyways why not have a saber like the old knight swords i mean they have the katana swords in the ninja mod so why not

and a good skin idea would be in my eyes based off the tyrion model but with longer white hair and a long scarlet robe with a huge black cross on the back. the eyes would be a glowy white and he would very dark under eyes. :dropsjar:

if you can make any of these please email me and if u do make them email me the model as soon as it done thank you very much!:bows: